Simple yet beautiful websites made with pure HTML and CSS made to display information to the viewer. Good for those who do not intend to or are unable to update their website very often.

CMS – WordPress & Joomla

Database driven websites made with the use of a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla. These types of websites offer the site owner around the clock access for updating. Popular uses for this type of site is for a blog or for those who intend to update their content on a regular basis.


Online store functionality integrated with a payment method such as the widely used PayPal. Users can manages their inventory, orders and customers at anytime.

Current Project(s)

(The following are project(s) that are unfinished in their present state but are currently being worked on.)


CAN (Mental Health) Inc.

CAN (Mental Health) Inc. is short for Consumer Activity Network (Mental Health) Inc.
Their Mission:
"Actively together for better mental health".
Their Purpose:
"A grass roots organisation that promotes, supports and enhances mental health, wellbeing and recovery journeys".

Previous/Completed Projects


SUPPORT Opportunity & Care Inc.

SUPPORT Opportunity and Care incorporated (SUPPORT) is a new comprehensive and integrated mental health support service operating in metropolitan Sydney. Their core business is to provide support, opportunity and care services to people with mental illness.


Mental Health Magazine

MHM is an information service for people with a mental illness. Their goal is to prevent suicide and help people with a mental illness toward a better quality of life. MHM is a publication run by people with a mental illness, half of the content will be provided by people with a mental illness. MHM will showcase people moving forward toward their personal best and will celebrate our weaknesses – the diversity of mental illness – ‘that it is ok not to be ok.’

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in IT and from there I intended to fully pursue my passion for all things front-end. I love being able to ensure that the product that clients see is perfect and being responsible for said perfection is what I live for. Playing with the look and feel, tailoring it to someone's expectations, bringing the design to life, this is why I am a web developer.


Mobile: +61 423 597 009

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